Sports Injuries Treatment

Conservative Care for Sports Injuries

Nothing can take you out of the game -- whatever your game of choice happens to be -- faster than a sports injury. From a tooth-rattling football impact on artificial turf to a chronic case of tennis elbow or runner's knee, these injuries can get progressively worse. You do not have to stay on the sidelines when you have a wide range of conservative, non-invasive treatment techniques available to you. Here at ReAlign Chiropractic our chiropractor, Dr. Peter Georgiou, can help you feel better, heal faster and resist future sports injuries more successfully than you ever thought possible.

Basketball player in Chicago, IL suffering from a knee injury

Types of Sports-Related Injuries

Athletic activity can subject the human body to considerable punishment. In some sports such as football or rugby, the damage from high-impact tackles and collisions is both acute and obvious. Severe jolts to the spinal column can easily throw the vertebrae and vertebral discs in the neck or back out of alignment. This may cause the discs to push up against the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots, creating sharp pains, weakness or other problems in the neck, back, legs or arms. Stretched or torn muscles and connective tissues are also common byproducts of acute sports mishaps.

Many other kinds of sports injuries are more subtle in nature, with the damage subtly accumulating over a long period of time until certain standard motions become unbearable painful or difficult. These repetitive strain disorders may take the form of:

  • Tennis elbow or golf elbow - Tendonitis in the arm
  • Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the arch of the foot)
  • Runner's knee
  • Shins splints
  • Achilles tendonitis

Natural Sports Injury Treatment from Our Chicago Chiropractor

Many sports injuries, including the repetitive strain injuries, can be created or worsened by abnormal spinal alignment. When your posture, stance and gait are off balance, it is only logical that your game will be similarly off. Weight gets distributed unevenly, causing recurring muscle strains and premature joint wear on one side or the other, while pinched nerves impair your muscular strength and coordination. Our Chicago chiropractor can relieve chronic or recurring sports injuries by removing this obstacle through chiropractic adjustments that get your spine back in line so you play better and stay healthier.

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ReAlign Chiropractic can help your soft tissues repair themselves even as we are straightening out your playing posture. Natural, drug-free techniques such a massage therapy and ultrasound can work wonders to relieve pain and inflammation while accelerating the healing process. Rehabilitative therapy and strength training can help you rebuild weakened or inactive muscles, while also giving your spine greater support and protection against impacts. Going forward, periodic spinal checkups, sports massage and other smart ideas can help you keep yourself in the game for many seasons to come.

Contact us today at 773-665-4400 for an appointment with our chiropractor. Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting you. We can help you win against sports injuries!


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