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Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment Chicago

It doesn't take much thought to recognize how resilient the neck is, especially when you consider all we ask of it. It must support our head, of which far exceeds it in size. It needs to allow us to turn in an almost unlimited amount of directions. Not only does it carry blood and oxygen back and forth to and through our bodies but it also contains nerves between our head and spine.

Yes, the neck is a wondrous, complex, and critical part of human physiology, and that's exactly why neck pain is treated so seriously at ReAlign Chiropractic, your Chicago chiropractor.

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Common Causes of Neck Pain

There are three general causes of neck pain.

  • Trauma. Trauma is when there is an external, physical cause of your neck pain. This could be a sports injury, auto accident, or a slip and fall at home or work. Whiplash, a straining of the neck, is a common result of auto accident injuries.
  • Lifestyle. Your lifestyle can have a negative impact on your neck and your entire body. Being overweight, lack of exercise, poor posture, poor ergonomics at work, or overuse of electronic devices can all contribute to neck pain.
  • Illness and Age. Illnesses like arthritis or even cancer can cause neck pain. Then there is the degeneration that comes with age that can take place in back and neck.

If you experience neck pain due to any of these factors, we encourage a prompt appointment with our Chicago chiropractor, Dr. Peter Georgiou at ReAlign Chiropractic.

Symptoms of Neck Pain Problems and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

More than just neck pain can result when there is a problem with the neck. It can often lead to headaches, stiffness in the shoulder and upper back. Neck issues may lead to tingling or even numbness in extremities. When there is a serious issue like whiplash, mobility may be compromised. Chiropractic care from ReAlign Chiropractic can help.

We call ourselves ReAlign Chiropractic because that is exactly how chiropractic care works. It seeks to realign the complex neuromuscular system in the neck and back to resolve pain, restore full connectivity, and allow the neck and spine to properly heal from trauma, lifestyle choices, and even illness. We do this naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery. Instead, we use chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy along with a host of other all-natural tactics and strategies to help restore wellness. The goal is long-lasting health and wellness without pain or discomfort.

For Neck Pain Treatment in Chicago, Visit Our ReAlign Chiropractor

Discover the value of chiropractic care at ReAlign Chiropractic, a proud Top Chicago Chiropractic Care facility for 2015. If you or someone you care about suffers from neck pain, get the deserved help by making an appointment by contacting us at 773-665-4400.


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