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Shoulder Pain Chiropractor in Chicago, IL

When you cannot move your shoulders without pain or discomfort it leads to a loss of mobility. However, choosing painkillers or shoulder surgery is not the most optimal solution. Thankfully we can help you relieve shoulder pain using natural and safe chiropractic care.

Here at ReAlign Chiropractic, PC our chiropractor Dr. Peter Georgiou has been working with patients for more than 20 years using chiropractic techniques. Whether you are diagnosed with frozen shoulder, a rotator cuff injury, or joint pain in the shoulder, chiropractic treatments are available.

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Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, the first step is diagnosing your condition. Our chiropractor provides comprehensive diagnostics to determine if you have suffered an injury, overuse, overextension, or torn ligaments. After your chiropractic evaluation, Dr. Georgiou will be able to tell you what type of shoulder pain you are suffering from. This can include rotator cuff syndrome, a dislocated shoulder, frozen shoulder, or shoulder pain caused by inflammation or poor posture. Another common cause of shoulder pain is a misaligned musculoskeletal system.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Chicago

At ReAlign Chiropractic, PC our chiropractor in Chicago utilizes a variety of treatment modalities for shoulder pain. For most patients, chiropractic adjustments are a key part of a treatment program. When you get an adjustment it realigns your spine and muscle system. However, an adjustment also increases your circulation and helps to stimulate your immune system. This is an important part of healing your shoulder injury naturally. Increased circulation also boosts pain response so you can experience natural pain relief.

If you are dealing with shoulder pain related to inflamed or swollen muscles, then massage therapy offers substantial relief. As part of a holistic approach to chiropractic care, Dr. Georgiou also uses massage in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. This helps to relax tension in your shoulder and upper back muscles.

Sports Injury and Personal Injury Treatment

If you have been involved in a sports or personal injury, and that is causing your shoulder pain, we can help. These two activities often lead to shoulder pain and injuries that reduce mobility in the arms and upper back. Personal injuries include poor posture, slip-and-fall accidents at work, and auto accidents. If you have experienced these types of personal injuries you may also have a herniated or slipped disc.

As the shoulder muscles are connected to the back muscles and spine, a herniated disc can lead to muscle inflammation that radiates to the shoulders. As you can see, shoulder pain can often be more complicated than just an injury directly to the shoulder joint. That is why it is so important to visit our chiropractor to get a medical diagnosis for your shoulder pain.

Meet Our Chicago, IL Chiropractor for Should Pain Treatment

Here at ReAlign Chiropractic, PC we strive to help you reduce pain and treat injuries without drugs or surgery. Our chiropractor also provides comprehensive treatment for headaches, as well as spinal decompression and nutritional counseling.

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