Back Pain Treatment

Surgery-Free Back Pain Treatment in Chicago

The back is one of those physical components you can easily take for granted -- until something goes wrong with it. Back pain is the primary cause of lost work days (with half of the U.S. working population suffering from back pain each year) as well as the second-most common reason for doctor visits.

Whether your back is hurting due to a recent or old accident, pregnancy, chronic degenerative condition or unhealthy work and lifestyle habits, ReAlign Chiropractic, PC can help you overcome that pain without subjecting you to surgery.

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Injuries, Chronic Ailments, and Other Back Pain Causes

There are many "faces" to back pain. It can appear all of a sudden or develop slowly over many years, in any region of the back, creating everything from an annoying ache to intense, debilitating agony. Even the normal aging process can lead to back pain. Common causes include:

• Bulging discs that flatten due to internal water loss, creating stress and inflammation in the vertebral joints

• Herniated discs that produce localized pain while also pinching major nerve roots, adding arm or leg pain to your misery

• Traumatic injuries such as auto accident injuries and sports injuries

• Working conditions that place your spine and back muscles under constant, repetitive stress

• A lifetime of slouching or other postural problems

• A spinal misalignment that throws your weight off-center

• Pregnancy, which alters the spinal alignment and promotes muscle strain in the back

Our Chicago Chiropractor Offers Relief without Surgery or Drugs

If you've been putting off a medical evaluation because you dread receiving a recommendation for major back surgery, you'll be relieved to know that most cases of back pain can be dealt with through conservative therapies. Our Chicago chiropractor, Dr. Georgiou, can perform extensive evaluations to isolate the source of your back pain, enabling him to treat that underlying condition safely and effectively without surgery or drugs.

We treat each patient as an individual, which means you'll receive a customized treatment program that may include multiple techniques for reducing your back pain. You may benefit from any combination of:

• Chiropractic adjustments to relieve stiff, inflamed vertebral joints and restore normal musculoskeletal alignment

• Spinal decompression therapy to relieve the pain caused by herniated or bulging discs

• Massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and/or ultrasound to relieve damaged or strained soft tissues (while helping them heal more rapidly)

• Physical rehabilitation and lifestyle/ergonomic recommendations

If your back pain stems from an auto accident injury, we can even provide you with the necessary care and medical documentation to help support your auto insurance claim.

Get Rid of Your Back Pain and Get Back to Your Life

If you're ready to assume control over that nagging case of back pain so you can get back to being productive and having fun, then you're ready to talk to ReAlign Chiropractic. Contact 773-665-4400 to schedule an evaluation and treatment at our Chicago chiropractic clinic


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