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You prepare for an auto accident long before it happens by having auto insurance to protect your vehicle. However, you can never quite prepare for the damage the accident has on your body. At ReAlignMed®, serving Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding area, you can schedule an appointment immediately after an accident.

Types of Auto Accident Injuries We Treat

Back and neck injuries are the most common issues we treat. No matter if somebody "T-bones" you, get into a rear-end collision or hit an object head-on, the impact has the potential damage tissue and nerves surrounding the spine.

One common auto accident injury is whiplash, which is an injury that occurs as a result of a rear-end collision. The impact propels your neck forward and backward rapidly. This condition has the potential to cause pain and limit the range of motion in your neck. It also causes headaches, fatigue, and dizziness in many cases.

​​​​​​​It's possible the accident will damage soft tissue in other regions of your body, which will cause a strain or a sprain. You might experience general muscle aches and pains from the impact.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment from Our Chicago Chiropractor

We use a variety of modalities to help you recover with minimal pain and discomfort after a car accident. The initial step of our treatment may consist of imaging, so we can determine the cause of the problem. We also want to rule out the possibility of serious injuries that could prevent us from using chiropractic care to treat your injury.

If we determine it is not a serious injury preventing us from applying chiropractic care, we will move forward with treatment that may include:

Spinal alignment treatment is used if you experience damage to a spinal disc, have any spinal misalignments, are experiencing aches and pains in your back or if you have whiplash. A spinal alignment, also known as an adjustment, is comprised of our chiropractic expert realigning the spine manually. By moving the vertebrae to line up with the discs, we're able to take the pressure off the sensitive "cushions" in between your vertebrae. This allows them to heal quicker. Additionally, it helps the blood flow through the area more adequately, making the injured area receive additional nutrients necessary for healing.

Massage therapy is another treatment and the therapy targets the muscles and other soft tissue in an area by relieving tension. Ultimately, this assists in the recovery process by removing inflammation, which as a result, reduces pain. Additionally, the massage stimulates blood flow to the area, so the soft tissue receives the nutrients needed for the healing process.

​​​​​​​Exercise therapy is used to reduce pain and help you recover. Our chiropractor teaches you movements that decrease your pain. The exercises also help you regain function and range of motion in the injured area.

Wondering if your Chicago chiropractor can help you with auto accident claims? Yes! Learn more about how ReAlignMed can help with your claims.

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