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May​​ Special:

  • 25% off Spinal Decompression. Are you experiencing numbness and tingling down your leg or arm? Do you have radiating pain or nerve pain? Spinal decompression can help, this therapy is an alternative to invasive surgery and a protracted recovery process.

May Product Special:

  • 20% off Tempurpedic & Proper Pillow

  • 20% off postural devices for your office chair

Free Consultation!

Are you interested in seeing if chiropractic care will work for you? Do you want to talk to a doctor of chiropractic about your concerns, in depth, before committing the time and money for a new patient appointment? Well, you can!

​​​​​​​Our office offers free consultations for potential patients looking to see if chiropractic would be an appropriate means of treatment for any possible conditions.

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ReAlign Physical Medicine offers a time of service discounts. Simply contact our office and we can set you up with flexible payment arrangements depending on your care.

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