ReAlign Men's Health ODT

Orally disintegrating tablets are also called “troches”, containing compounded Sildenafil (Viagra®) or Tadalafil (Cialis®). These tablets rapidly disintegrate in the mouth, which results in faster absorption of the drug. Fast-acting dissolution provides dispersion before being swallowed and entering the stomach. The active ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, unlike traditional ED medications that go through the stomach before absorption.

All ofReAlign Men's Health medications are made at compounding pharmacies that are located in the US. These American pharmacies are FDA regulated, ensuring that only the purest ingredients are used and that the most sterile manufacturing methods are utilized in the production of these medications.

​​​​​​​Every man is different and will respond differently to medication. At ReAlign Men's Health our goal is to guide you to good health and a program to live your best life. Always speak to your healthcare professional about the benefits, risks, and side effects of any medications or medical treatments.

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