Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men and Women in Chicago

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Chicago

Treatment as low as $200 per month.
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Decreased libido (low sex drive)

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)

  • Fatigue and low energy levels

  • Low sense of well-being

  • Depression

  • Decreased muscle mass

  • Lower red blood cell production

  • Changes in body fat distribution

  • Increased belly fat

  • Decreased sperm production

  • Lack of motivation

Introducing Biote Hormone Pellets

​​​​​​​Many patients will prefer to complete their weekly hormone injections in the privacy of their own home. We also offer weekly in-office injections.

Additionally, we offer Biote Hormone Pellets. This quick 20 minute treatment will last you for 3-5 months!

  • ReAlignMed is a Biote Certified Provider in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Biote is the nation’s largest hormone optimization training company – the Biote Method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of patients over more than a decade.

  • Biote has translated more than 80 years of scientific insight into the foundation of the Biote Method, which identifies and aims to help with the earliest signs of aging.

  • We at ReAlignMed in Chicago have chosen to partner with Biote because we believe our patients deserve the best. The Biote Method is backed by deep experience and scientific research.

  • The Biote Method centers around the idea of personalized, precision care. The way your body works, the symptoms you experience, and how your body responds to BHRT are all unique – your Biote Certified Provider in Chicago, Illinois will develop an individualized treatment plan for you based on your body’s specific needs.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

  • As we age, our bodies naturally start to reduce the amount of hormones liketestosterone and estrogen they produce.

  • Hormones such as these are incredibly important to how many areas of your body function – such as your brain, heart, bones, reproductive organs, and more.

  • When these hormones are out of balance, people can experience a number of different symptoms.

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a method of restoring the balance of your hormones and aiming to relieve these symptoms, using compounded ormones that are identical in structure to those your body naturally produces. That way, your body recognizes and uses these replacement hormones in exactly the same way it would hormones it produces naturally.

The Biote Method of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • The Biote Method of hormone optimization is the result of condensing over 80 years of scientific research into a program that may help with the earliest signs of aging.

  • The Biote Method uses pellets, which are about the size of a grain of rice, for hormone optimization. Your Chicago provider at ReAlignMed inserts these tiny pellets under the skin during a simple, in-office procedure.

  • The pellets will then dissolve slowly over time – they only need to be re-administered approximately every 3-5 months, depending on the patient.

  • As the pellets dissolve, they release a steady stream of hormones into your bloodstream, which your body will then use as it needs. Over time, the pellets will be completely absorbed, leaving nothing behind.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms for Men:

  • Low sex drive*

  • Fatigue*

  • Loss of muscle mass*

  • Increased body fat (especially in the waist area) *

  • Mood changes*

  • Irritability*

  • Elevated blood sugar*

  • Feelings of stress or anxiety*

  • High cholesterol*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms for Women:

  • Fatigue*

  • Night sweats*

  • Hot flashes or flushes*

  • Decreased sex drive*

  • Weight gain*

  • Trouble sleeping*

  • Irritability*

  • Anxiousness*

  • Mood swings*

  • Brain fog*

  • Low mood*

  • Decreased bone mass*

  • Discomfort during intercourse*

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide (NO) functions as a vasodilator, regulating blood vessel dilation and facilitating blood flow by relaxing smooth muscle cells within vessel walls. This property has profound implications for maintaining healthy blood pressure and overall cardiovascular function. There is an intricate connection between nitric oxide and sexual well-being, accentuating its role as a physiological orchestrator of human intimacy.

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Get Started

  • Getting started with hormone optimization in Chicago, Illinois is easy!

  • Contact us at ReAlignMed today to discuss if you may be a good candidate for hormone optimization – you will fill out a simple health assessment and schedule bloodwork to evaluate your current hormone levels.

  • Your ReAlignMed Biote Certified Provider will review your lab results with you and develop a personalized care plan based on your results and health goals.

  • Most people see results after their first round of pellets, however it many take up to two pellet insertions before experiencing their desired results.

Biote Nutraceuticals

NOTE: Make sure that you use the below FDA disclaimer for any content about Biote nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals (indicated by the asterisk).

  • Biote Nutraceuticals are a line of dietary supplements that have been developed to assist patients who have various vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which may cause low energy, mood swings, poor sleep, and other symptoms.

  • ADK 5 & 10 include essential vitamins A, D3, and K2 to support immunity and cardiovascular health. ADK 10 has a full 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 for those who have extra need for this key vitamin.*

  • Arterosil® HP supports arterial health, particularly of the endothelial glycocalyx – which is the protective "non-stick" lining of our blood vessels.*

  • Bacillus Coagulans contains a well-researched probiotic strain that can survive harsh stomach acid. Used to promote healthy bacterial balance and immune health in the colon, while also helping gut discomfort, bloating, and stool frequency.*

  • Best Night Sleep blends calming and relaxing plant ingredients with melatonin to lessen stress, calm agitation and ease mind and body into restful sleep. Wake up refreshed and restored without that groggy feeling.*

  • Curcumin-SF helps promote healthy inflammatory balance in our joints and other tissues. It also promotes healthy immunity. Curcumin-SF is a premier nutraceutical for healthy aging.*

  • DIM SGS+ is a combination of diindolylmethane (DIM), sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS), and pomegranate that may help promote healthy balance of the body's hormone systems and detoxification defenses.*

  • Iodine+ combines iodine with zinc and selenium to help support thyroid health, antioxidant defense, and immune health.*

  • Methyl Factors+ may help promote circulatory health and maintaining positive mood, while also playing an important support role in the healthy functioning of your body.*

  • Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B contains a blend of 4 bacterial strains with 20 billion live probiotics per capsule. It supports regularity, healthy microbiome balance, and stool firmness during antibiotic use.*

  • Omega 3 + CoQ10 combines omega-3 EPA and DHA purified from fish oil, along with Coenzyme Q10 ("CoQ"), a vital energy nutrient and antioxidant. It may help promote heart and circulatory health, brain health including positive mood, and healthy inflammatory balance. *

  • Senolytic Complex provides 5 plant polyphenols that may help protect the aging body against functional decline. It helps promote a healthy inflammatory balance and healthy aging.*

  • Serene contains a potent extract derived from magnolia tree bark, dihydrohonokiol-B (DHH-B), that can help provide on-demand mood support while helping reduce feelings of worry and unease.*

  • Urox®+ is crafted from a proprietary blend of three gentle herbals: the stem of the horsetail plant, Lindera aggregate root, and Cratevox™ Three-Leaf Caper. These ingredients combine to help minimize feelings of urgency, reduce the frequency of urination, and even lessen or end leaks and other accidents by improving bladder tone and pelvic floor muscles. It’s a great option for postpartum women, young women who do intense physical exercise, and menopausal or postmenopausal women. In addition, Urox®+ can benefit men with bladder problems, many of which are inaccurately assumed to result from prostate problems.*

  • Vascanox® HP is a powerful nutraceutical for cardiovascular support. It helps maintain healthy blood flow by increasing the production, storage, and release of nitric oxide and decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress to promote cardiovascular health.

  • vH Balance contains a blend of 6 well-studied probiotic strains into a single formula for women’s overall vaginal health. If you’re experiencing burning, itching, unpleasant odor, discharge, or other vaginal symptoms, the balance of good bacteria in your vaginal microbiome may be off. The probiotic strains in vH Balance may help restore a positive vaginal bacterial balance and prevent future imbalances from recurring.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

When testosterone decreases, it can interfere with many facets of a mans life and have a negative impact on their health. Some symptoms may be mild while others can be more severe and debilitating. Low testosterone levels, also known as andropause, may increase the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and erectile dysfunction (ED). Testosterone replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help to maintain optimal levels of hormones through compounded solutions tailored to men’s specific needs.

How Are Testosterone Levels Checked?

There are several components to testing testosterone levels. Typically, it begins by self-reporting from the patient that they are experiencing symptoms associated with declining testosterone. The physician will complete a medical history form, physical exam, questionnaire, and blood test of the patient to assess their physical and mental symptoms and determine hormone levels. A blood test will check for both inactive and active testosterone levels.

Your labs from ReAlignMed® will include a variety of lab tests that will help guide us accordingly.
We want to have the most in-depth information so we can give you the most in-depth solutions. Based on your lab results our medical staff will decide if TRT is right for you.

Treating Testosterone Deficiencies

Once an imbalance is identified, our healthcare professionals can begin formulating a treatment plan. This may involve testosterone replacement therapy that can be customized to meet a patient’s specific needs through compounded medications. Our ReAlignMed® healthcare professional can prescribe the proper dosage based on the client’s current level and the optimal range for their age and health.

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