Hip Pain

Don't wait for a hip replacement when there are other non-surgical options to feel better.

Our non-surgical hip pain treatment options include:

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections
Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

With ReAlignMed's Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections, we can harness the body's natural healing potential by drawing your own blood, which is then separated into plasma and red blood cells. Then, our medical experts inject your own plasma into your hip. You plasma contains stem cell markers, bio-active protein, and white blood cells. They help provide targeted relief and improve functions for various hip problems. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes. This minimally invasive procedure carries little risk. It also allows for quick recovery and resumption of daily activities.

Once again, PRP is concentrated from your own blood. These cells are vital for tissue regeneration and repair. Platelets, once thought of as only being responsible for clotting, have been scientifically proven to be a resovoir of these vital healing components.

With advanced techniques, we are able to concentrate these regenerative healing cells in a simple out-patient setting.

  • Minimally invasive

  • Minimal to no down time

  • Speeds up and promotes healing

  • Natural and organic, autologous from your own body

  • Less side effects when compared to steroid injections or surgery

  • FDA Cleared

Recovery and Post Treatment Care
Initially, pain and swelling may occur at the injection site. Patients can apply heat and elevation as needed. Use your hip as tolerated to since restricted movement for an extended period of time can cause stiffening. Pain medications will be prescribed if needed. Most patients are able to return to usual activitied with no downtime. Consult your healthcare professional for the best post-injection protocol.
Healing Process
The healing process takes 4 - 6 weeks for signal to stem cells and regenerative cells to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue. Patients can expect to see significant improvment. 2 - 3 treatments may be needed to obtain optimal results.
​​​​​​​Price ranges from $1000 - $1500 per injection. Most insurances do not cover this service.

4 - 6 weeks for healing process.


​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

Which of these injections is right for me?

The choice of treatment depends on various factors. At ReAlignMed, we take many things into account to ensure you receive the best possible hip pain treatment. We consider the underlying cause of the hip pain, the severity of the condition, and your preferences.

For instance, if you have osteoarthritis, our experts may recommend hyaluronic injections. They can provide cushioning and lubrication, which reduces pain and improves mobility.

Are these injection treatments safe?

PRP, hyaluronic acid, and trigger point injections are among the most recommended musculoskeletal injection therapies. Their safety and effectiveness have been extensively studied. At ReAlignMed, each patient’s safety is our priority. Our team of qualified healthcare professionals will recommend, administer, and oversee the treatments.

How many injections do I need?

You will need one injection per treatment, allowing for pain relief that lasts between 4 and 6 months. Patients often come back after 6 months for another treatment.

Find Relief, Reclaim Your Life

At ReAlignMed, we understand that every individual is unique. So, we take a personalized approach to hip pain treatment. Our team of experts thoroughly assesses each condition, medical history, and lifestyle factors. This helps us develop a customized injection therapy tailored to your needs and goals. We also provide chiropractic treatment for hip pain.

Our goal is to empower you to relieve hip pain and maintain optimal joint health without risky surgeries. If you experience chronic hip pain, take action now. Get an initial consultation for only $49. Visit ReAlignMed at our Chicago, Illinois, office. You may also call (773) 665-4400 to schedule an appointment today.

What happens during my hip injection treatment?

During your treatment for hip pain, your doctor will position a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine over your hip. This incredible equipment is perfectly safe, and it gives the doctor a live video image of the inside of your hip. This means the doctor can see under the skin into your hip to find the troubled areas and guide the gel precisely to cover the sore spots 100% of the time where the gel will provide maximum relief.

The live video image means our injections are ALWAYS accurate. You’ll be able to see that for yourself on the monitor during your treatment.

This is so important as studies* have concluded that without the use of this live video, the gel can be placed incorrectly up to 1/3rd of the time. This is very unfortunate as the gel must be placed directly into the joint to offer any therapeutic benefits.

* Accuracy of needle placement into the intra-articular space of the hip​​​​​​​

Will I feel anything during the injection in my hip?

Many patients wouldn’t believe we had even started the procedure if they hadn’t watched a live video of the whole thing on the monitor. The procedure is so gentle because we use a fine needle and an anesthetic spray to numb your hip. As a result, you’ll feel nothing but relief.

How quickly will hip injections take away my pain?

Hip injections provide pain relief in your hips in three ways, starting immediately.

First, the injection soothes the raw surfaces of your distressed cartilage. The relief is so immediate, you’ll feel better the moment you stand up from the doctor’s chair.

This first wave of relief rolls into the second wave of relief, a robust anti-inflammatory effect. This effect continues to work independently over the next few days, reducing and treating the painful inflammation in your hip.

Your third wave of relief comes as the gel itself begins to form a comfortable pillow inside your hip joint. This pillow delivers long-term relief by reducing the friction that caused your inflammation in the first place. You’ll enjoy anywhere from six months up to a few years of freedom from pain as your hips feel young again with this fresh pillow inside.

How long will my relief from hip pain last?

The hip pain relief lasts between 4 and 6 months. Patients often come back after 6 months for another treatment.

How long your relief lasts depends on your hips and your body, so we can tell you more about your specific situation when you come in for your No Obligation Consultation.

How do you make sure the treatment is as effective as possible?

As a result of their osteoarthritis, our patients often suffer from bursitis as well. Bursitis is a painful condition caused by inflammation and buildup of fluid in the bursa. Not only does this cause the patient more pain, it can dilute the effectiveness of our gel injections too.

If this is happening to you, again, we use our live video X-ray equipment to see right into your hip and drain the bursa to give you more immediate pain relief, treat your bursitis and ensure the gel treatment is most effective!

Are there any side effects from hyaluronic acid injections?

Side effects may include potential short term, minimal pain.

Are hip injections covered by Medicare and insurance?

Hip injections are not covered by insurance.

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