Penile Shot (P SHOT)

ReAlignMed® Penile Shot ("P" Shot) In Chicago

At ReAlignMed® our business is built on ED management.
We know how many guys struggle with this problem on a daily basis. We know about the anxiety it causes and the frustration it can bring to your romantic life. We know how demoralizing it can be to feel like you’re not in control of your own body, and we’re constantly looking for new treatments and practices to support our clients. First, we want you to let go of any shame you have connected to erectile issues and focus on getting your groove back.

One of our approaches to erectile dysfunction management for some of our clients involves the Penile Shot ("P" Shot) - getting injections of your own blood into the penis to stimulate the tissues and blood vessels. And yes, we understand the idea of a needle being anywhere near your penis can be an immediate mental danger zone - but many of our clients have had very positive results. After your consultation our physician will determine if this procedure could be right for you, then your blood will be drawn and processed through a centrifuge. We use a double centrifuge which yields the highest percentage of processed blood.

During your appointment, our healthcare team will use a numbing cream on your penis to ensure there is little to no sensation. Your blood will be drawn and processed by our healthcare team in our double centrifuge to ensure we’re getting the purest and most potent processed blood. Right before the Penile Shot ("P" Shot) injection, your healthcare provider will further numb the pain to avoid any additional discomfort. Then the activated blood blood cells will be injected into your penis, using your body’s own healing factors to address the issue.

The number of treatments will be determined in your consultation with a ReAlignMed® healthcare professional based on the severity of the issue. Usually, one to three Penile Shots
("P" Shot) are recommended for optimal results. These treatments are usually performed three to six weeks apart.

Cost: $1250 for 1 P-Shot

Call 773-665-4400 to schedule a consultation to see if this is the right thing for you!.

Every man is different and will respond differently to medication. At ReAlignMed®, our goal is to guide you to good health and a program to live your best life. Always speak to your healthcare professional about the benefits, risks, and side effects of any medications or medical treatments.

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