Auto Accident Injury Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re involved in an auto accident, you need to know where in Chicago you can turn for quality care and pain relief. Many car accidents result in a particular type of injury called whiplash. This condition affects the muscles, joints, and tendons in the neck. When left untreated, whiplash can lead to debilitating pain. For more information about how chiropractic can help you recover from whiplash, read the following frequently asked questions and answers.

For Quality Care and Pain Relief, See a Qualified Chiropractor

Q: What is whiplash?
A: Whiplash is an injury caused by a sudden jerk of the head. Whiplash is commonly caused by rear impact car accidents because these types of collisions cause the head to be pushed forward, then jerked backward. The fast, unexpected movement can cause tendons and muscles to become strained or torn.

Q: What are the symptoms of whiplash?
A: Whiplash symptoms can vary. You may experience pain and tightness in the neck. Your range of motion in the neck may become very limited, and you might start to experience headaches. In addition, you might experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Blurred vision

Q: How long does it take to show signs of whiplash?
A: Whiplash can take hours, days or even weeks to fully manifest. It’s important to see a chiropractor before it reaches that point—especially if you plan to submit a claim with your insurance company or contact a lawyer about damages incurred by the accident.

Q: Will my insurance pay for chiropractic?
A: Many insurances will pay for chiropractic. We can help you with the paperwork if you call our offices or stop in with your questions.

Q: How can a chiropractor help if I have whiplash?
A: Chiropractors do many things to help with whiplash. On your first visit, we’ll diagnose your condition and come up with an individualized treatment plan for your needs. In the days afterward, we’ll use a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, exercises and stretches to help you improve your range of motion, increase blood flow to the injured areas and relax the muscles. If the situation calls for it, we’ll also show you how to do exercises and stretches in the comfort of your own home. Chiropractic is a natural, non-invasive medication-free method of managing pain and healing your injuries.

Q: How long does it take to recover from whiplash?
A: The majority of our patients recover from whiplash within a few months of becoming injured. However, people who put off seeing the chiropractor can do more damage to their bodies. Waiting to see a chiropractor can result in chronic pain, and that can be hard or even impossible to fully treat.

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