Hip Pain Treatment

Hip Pain Treatment in Chicago, IL

ReAlign Chiropractic, PC provides natural treatments to eliminate hip pain. We understand that a chiropractor may not be your first thought when your hip hurts, but chiropractic care is designed to alleviate more than back pain.

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Hip Pain Treatment with Our Chicago Chiropractor

Our chiropractic hip pain treatment positions your hips into pain-free alignment, while also examining the spine to see where other adjustments can be made. Our Chicago chiropractor places your body into the best healing position to eliminate hip pain at its source. Instead of using medications to cover up your symptoms, we locate the reasons for your hip pain and eliminates them.

The source of your hip pain may be caused by such things as years of poor posture, improper footwear, overuse, a sudden injury, sciatica, herniated discs or overly tight muscles. Our Chicago chiropractor will listen to your symptoms and examine your back and hips to discover why the joint is giving you discomfort. Then, we will put together a chiropractic care plan to eliminate hip pain in Chicago by using a variety of techniques.

Chiropractic Hip Pain Techniques

All of the techniques at ReAlign Chiropractic are natural and work with your body's healing abilities. Your hip pain treatment plan may include chiropractic techniques such as:

Chiropractic adjustments - Our Chicago chiropractor evaluates the position of your hip joint and your spine to determine if anything is out of alignment. If so, they will gently position your hips and spine in a way that reduces nerve pressure and pain and frees your mobility. We understand that with hip pain comes a limited ability to move the joint. Since movement is important for recovery, our chiropractor positions your hips for freedom of movement without pain.

Spinal decompression - if the reasons for your hip pain are located in your spine, you may be suffering from sciatica, which is a compromised nerve or a herniated disc that is pressing on the nerves that lead to your hips. A technique we use to repair discs is spinal decompression which increases the space between the vertebrae to allow the disc to return to a pain-free position.

Massage therapy - to alleviate tight muscles that are pulling on your hips and causing pain, ReAlign Chiropractic, PC suggests massage therapy. Massage therapy also helps to eliminate inflammation in muscles while it restores your hip flexibility.

Exercise therapy - strong and flexible hips help to keep you pain-free and mobile. We guide you through exercises to achieve these results and also show you at-home movements to repair your sore hip.

Dr. Georgio and our staff at ReAlign Chiropractic use a holistic approach to hip pain relief.

Meet Our Chicago Chiropractor today for Treatments for Hip Pain in Chicago

Whether you have suffered a hip injury in an auto accident or work incident, or if you have been living with hip pain for years, we have effective chiropractic treatments for you at ReAlign Chiropractic center in Chicago. Contact us today at 773-665-4400 to begin your natural hip pain treatment program.


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