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At ReAlignMed we are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals providing treatments and services for everything ranging from chiropractic care, to weight loss, vitamin injections, sexual wellness and so much more. We believe in reducing pain and healing the body naturally. Our goal is to be yoursource in Chicago to help heal your body without pain medications, surgery, or invasive procedures.

"At ReAlign Med we treat the body as a whole...Lets get you feeling good and looking good!" -Dr. Georgiou

Chiropractic Care
Spine Decompression
Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic Care
Sports Medicine
Chiropractic Care
Hormone Replacement
Chiropractic Care
Biote Pellet Hormone
Medical Weight Loss
Emsculpt Neo
Chiropractic Care
Anti Aging
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Massage Therapy
IV Therapy
Knee Pain Management
Vitamin Injections
Shockwave Therapy
Men's Health
Women's Health
Pain Management
Regenerative Medicine
Hip Pain Management

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Dr. Georgiou demonstrates outstanding skill and compassion during each visit and offers advice that truly keeps his patients' best interests the first priority. His office staff is by far the most professional and accommodating I have ever encountered in medical practice.
I hobbled into ReAlign with back spasms so intense even the doctor raised an eyebrow! He gave me an adjustment and I felt immediate relief. Immediate. And now this morning after - I feel GREAT! It’s like a miracle. Yesterday morning I groaned while I walked, cried out when I went from sitting to standing and today I got up and walked around with little to no discomfort.
The Doctor was amazing. Professional and friendly, and he totally put me at ease. You could tell he was really invested in me personally. Top-notch.
Dr. G and his staff are professional, attentive, accommodating (with my busy work schedule), educational and give comprehensive care (weight loss as well!). I also sent my fiance to Dr. G for his debilitating neck pain which has significantly improved. Great bedside manner too! Easy to get to off the red line or parking is across the street at Ann Sather. Thank you, Dr. G!
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