Does EMSCULPT NEO® Work On Cellulite?

Achieving your body goals after working out and eating healthy can be very fulfilling. The only frustrating part is that you can remain with fats on particular areas of your body, like the thighs.

The good news is that technological advancement can help reduce stubborn fat in various parts of your body through EMSCULPT NEO®. The only question is whether this treatment can also work on your cellulite. Read on to find out.


EMSCULPT NEO is a cosmetic treatment that is the first to allow the melting of body fat and toning of muscles simultaneously. It is a new technology used for body contouring. It helps individuals tackle problematic fat areas in their bodies and bring out muscles simultaneously.

After losing weight, you are likely to remain with stubborn fat areas on some parts of the body that may need specialized attention to remove. At the same time, you may have cellulite. Read on if you want to know whether EMSCULPT NEO can work on cellulite.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

EMSCULPT NEO targets smaller body surface areas. The technology is not a liposuction replacement. It works on people getting closer to their weight goal but cannot lose the stubborn fat pockets in specific parts of their bodies. It is also ideal for athletes who need to increase their muscular strength. The device may not be ideal for individuals who have metal implants like IUDs or pacemakers.

Where Does the Fat Go?

EMSCULPT NEO uses a radio frequency technology that targets and heats the fat cells beneath the skin. The heat reaches apoptosis temperature. It triggers the fat cells to die and reduces the fat deposits in the treated site by up to 30 percent.

The heated fat cells get permanently destroyed, and the liver naturally absorbs them. The treatment is painless, helping people who cannot remove the stubborn fat pockets in their bodies. The procedure is permanent as the fat cells cannot grow back.

What Parts of the Body Does EMSCULPT NEO Work on?

Below are the body parts that EMSCULPT NEO treats:

  • Abdomen - A healthy diet and workouts may not build muscles in your abdomen area as you desire. Your DNA can determine where your body stores most of its fat. For most people, it is usually in their abdomen. EMSCULPT NEO flattens, tightens, tones, and strengthens the abdominal area.

  • Arms - Most people deal with sagging, flappy arms at a point in their lives. Sometimes, exercising may not help as much as you want. EMSCULPT builds arm muscles and helps tone them to build back your self-confidence.

  • Buttocks - Your buttocks may lose shape due to age, heredity, or lack of exercise. Most people tend to joke about having sagging and flat buttocks. EMSCULPT NEO tones and tightens the buttocks.

  • Thighs - Most people complain a lot about bumpy and lumpy thighs. EMSCULPT NEO helps smoothen skin, tone the thighs, and build muscle to give you your desired look.

  • Calves - Most individuals desire to have muscular calves. However, working out may sometimes not give you your desired results. EMSCULPT helps define, strengthen, and tone your calve muscles.

Can EMSCULPT NEO Work on Cellulite?

EMSCULPT NEO helps remove stubborn fat but does not treat cellulite. It can build muscle and reduce fat in parts of your body. As a result, it gives the illusion of reduced cellulite on the treatment site. Some patients see the treatment results after their first session. However, expect optimal results 12 weeks after your final EMSCULPT NEO treatment. Your results will last for as long as you go for maintenance treatments and you do regular exercises.

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