EMSCULPT NEO® And CoolSculpting®: Are They The Same?

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, offers an option for people who want to stay and look fit. It is especially beneficial when traditional methods like diet and exercise fail to achieve the desired results.

Unfortunately, intense workouts and vigorous exercises may not produce the toned and lean appearance you desire. One of the most effective alternative options to achieve your ideal body is EMSCULPT NEO®.

Body Contouring Treatments

Body contouring techniques help shape the body by dealing with stubborn areas of fat. If you have excess sagging skin or fat pockets that are hard to get rid of, you can benefit from contouring.

There are several types of body contouring procedures. Body sculpting is effective and non-invasive, and it can help with muscle growth and fat reduction. A specialist at KINGSMEN® Med can help you and the proper number of sessions for your goals and body type.


EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive procedure that can help weight reduction while also building and defining muscle. The technology uses electromagnetic energy that helps grow muscle fibers and volume. The technology works on the abdominal muscles, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and calves.

EMSCULPT NEO helps induce supramaximal contractions that force the muscles to use maximum capacity. This level of contraction is impossible with exercise. One treatment session is compared to years of daily exercise to produce ultimate results.


CoolSculpting is a cosmetic treatment that is non-invasive and does not require the use of surgical tools. Often when people are searching for body contouring options CoolSculpting is another treatment that is evaluated but note that unlike EMSCULPT NEO, CoolSculpting does not contribute to building muscles.

CoolSculpting works by lowering the body temperature to destroy fat cells. The temperature is reduced to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and the extreme cold is directed through the skin. It causes a portion of the fat cells in the target area to shrink and die. The body naturally gets rid of the dead cells, resulting in fat loss.

Difference Between EMSCULPT NEO and CoolSculpting

Knowing the difference between EMSCULPT NEO and CoolSculpting will help you choose. Different technologies are involved, with EMSCULPT using electromagnetic technology and CoolSculpting using cryolipolysis (fat freezing technology).

EMSCULPT NEO is often a top choice because it is proven an effective treatment for both fat reduction and toning and building muscles.

Body sculpting techniques are not substitutes for a healthy lifestyle. To maintain the results of the procedures, you need to maintain a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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