Emsella® - A Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence

Did you know that in 30 minutes, the Emsella® chair provokes almost 11,000 Kegel-type contractions?

Do you suffer from urinary incontinence? Is it affecting the quality of your life? If so, Emsella is an option you should consider. Emsella is ideal for people who leak when they cough or suddenly get the urge to rush to the bathroom. 

Incontinence can impact your life, making you always conscious of yourself. You cannot fail to stay alert because it can strike anytime. Some people resort to wearing pads because it is so out of control. If you would like to get this under control, you should consider Emsella by BTL. 

What Is Emsella?

Emsella is a breakthrough treatment created by BTL to provide a solution for both men and women suffering from incontinence. It is so effective that up to 95 percent of all patients who undergo Emsella treatment report significant change. Because of this success rate, gynecologists endorse it worldwide. 

So, what is Emsella? It is a treatment solution that optimizes the resilience of the pelvic floor muscles. Doing this restores your pelvic strength and control of your bladder. It is a non-invasive, simple, and effective procedure. You will get a boost of self-confidence once you have had the treatment.

How Does Emsella Work?

Emsella works by restoring neuromuscular control and rehabilitating and stimulating muscles located on your pelvic floor. It can do this by employing HIFEM technology or focused high-intensity energy. These waves stimulate the muscles in your pelvic floor to produce natural contractions. 

The contractions that Emsella stimulates come at a more intense rate and quicker than possible through any strengthening exercise. It produces contraction equivalent to 11,000 Kegel exercises.

What Should You Expect From a Consultation?

In your first consultation with a practitioner, they will first review your medical history. This is important because some conditions may make it impossible for you to receive Emsella. You will also discuss your urinary incontinence, including any treatments you have received. 

What Is Emsella Treatment Like?

If you qualify for the treatment, it will take about 30 minutes per session. Practitioners recommend that you have about six sessions for the treatment to be effective. They are spread out over three consecutive weeks. However, most patients can feel the symptoms subside after one session. It would be best if you continued the full treatment during the three weeks for even better results.

The treatment is non-invasive, and you do not have to take your clothes off. There are no drugs administered for the treatment. You will feel a slight tingling sensation during the treatment, but that is all. There is no recovery time after the treatment, letting you return to your daily activities right after the treatment.

Benefits of Emsella

  • It helps both men and women regain bladder control by strengthening pelvic muscles

  • The results are quick to appear, and they increase as the treatment progresses

  • Walk-in walk-out the same day

  • There is no pain involved during the procedure

  • Women have improved sexual satisfaction and can achieve orgasms after strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

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