How Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Athletes – whether amateur or professional – can put a lot of pressure on their bodies when they train and participate in their chosen sport. All too often, this can result in injury. You could be forgiven for thinking that amateur athletes would be less likely to experience injury, but this isn’t always the case. Lack of knowledge on the best techniques for warming up/cooling down, or for carrying out certain movements actually during their activity can make them more prone to experiencing an injury. Similarly, the fact that they may not train as often could mean that when they do, their body isn’t used to the strain it is under and is more likely to become damaged. Any sort of sports injury could see you spending weeks, months, or longer unable to participate in your chosen activity.

What is chiropractic sports medicine?

Chiropractic sports medicine is a fairly new specialty within chiropractic care. Although once thought of as an ‘alternative medicine’, today chiropractic treatment is largely considered to be mainstream owing to its continued rising popularity as a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for a range of different issues. As its name suggests, chiropractic sports medicine is focused on providing care that supports athletes at every stage of their sport. This doesn’t only include treating injuries but also targets strengthening the body so that future damage is less likely. The right chiropractic care can even enhance an athlete’s performance, enabling them to achieve optimal performance goals.


Chiropractor care is a hands-on approach to healing and optimizing the function of the entire body. It focuses primarily on the musculoskeletal system – the network of bones, muscles, and connective tissues that enable movement. At the core of the musculoskeletal system is the spine, a column of bones that protects the spinal cord, which is responsible for our central nervous system – the command center of all of our bodily systems and functions. Chiropractors balance and align the spine to relieve any pressure that may be placed onto the discs and surrounding nerves. As a result, the central nervous system can work more effectively, and this helps the body to function properly. The process also boosts blood flow, reduces inflammation, and gets pain levels under control without the need for medication.


A good chiropractor won’t only focus on speeding up the healing process following an injury, or on rehabilitating you afterward. They will also be eager to educate you on the best ways to make your body as strong, flexible, and healthy as possible. You may be given advice relating to warm-up/cool-down techniques, diet, sleep, and exercise that will enable you to achieve whole-body wellness.


Techniques within chiropractic sports medicine

Chiropractic sports medicine involves a number of different modalities. These include:


  • Spinal manipulations

  • Muscle work

  • Exercise rehabilitation

  • Strength training

  • Stretching exercises

  • Core-strengthening activities

  • Taping

  • Advanced soft tissue techniques

  • Cold/heat therapy

  • Ultrasound

  • Electrical stimulation


Exactly what techniques will be recommended for you will depend on the treatment program that your chiropractor has created for you.


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