How Long Do EMSCULPT NEO® Results Last?

Achieving body goals with workouts and diets is challenging for most people. You can remain with stubborn fat pockets on some parts of your body. The reality is that most individuals are genetically predisposed to have areas of their bodies carry fat. As a result, it is impossible to build defined muscles in those areas.


For someone struggling to achieve all that, there is a non-invasive solution for you called EMSCULPT NEO®. 




EMSCULPT NEO is the only non-surgical technology cleared by the FDA for body contouring. It has proven to effectively reduce fat and stimulate the growth of muscles in the targeted area simultaneously.


EMSCULPT NEO works on different body parts, such as the abdomen, calves, arms, hips, and buttocks. 


Candidates for EMSCULPT NEO


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves EMSCULPT NEO for patients with a body mass index of up to 35. Almost everybody can benefit by burning fat and building muscle in some parts of their bodies. However, the treatment is not ideal for individuals who have electronics or metals such as pacemakers or IUDs in their bodies.


EMSCULPT NEO is not a weight loss solution. It works for individuals who have reached their weight goals but want to eliminate some stubborn fat pockets. The device works on small surface areas of the body to eliminate fat and build muscle on it.




Most patients feel results after their first EMSCULPT NEO session. You are likely to feel like you are from an intense workout. Your muscles may feel sore, like someone who has been exercising for some time. 


Seeing treatment outcomes will only be evident from two to six weeks from the first session. You may start being happy with the results after three months from the first EMSCULPT session. However, you will only see the final results six months after the final session.


The Ideal Number of Sessions for Your Desired Results


Four sessions are usually ideal for achieving the results you desire. Your specialist may recommend giving your muscles time to rest between the treatment sessions. You may need to go for two sessions weekly with two or three days between each. 


Evaluating the target areas before you begin the session will help determine how many treatments will suit you. You may need two 30 minutes sessions if the muscle under your subcutaneous fat of the targeted region is of a decent tone.


If you want to build more muscle due to the dissatisfying fat volume, you may need up to four treatment sessions for each area.


How Long Do Results Last?


EMSCULPT NEO permanently destroys the unwanted fat cells on the treated area. They cannot return to that part of your body. Hence, the results can last long if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 


Working out is essential as it preserves your muscle mass. Healthy eating stops the growth of the remaining fat cells. You can also go for maintenance sessions for a prolonged outcome.


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