How Long Does It Take for the P-Shot® Take to Work?

Most men will confess that the proper and reliable functioning of their penis plays a significant role in relationship intimacy. However, it becomes a concern when they have difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection. It can create stress and affect their self-esteem.

However, our bodies have the remarkable capacity to regenerate tissue and heal themselves. Hence, erectile dysfunction can resolve itself most of the time. But when it does not self-resolve, it requires treatment to help you get back to your former self. One of these treatments is the P-Shot® that you can get at ReAlignMed.


What Is the P-Shot?


The P-Shot or Priapus Shot® involves an injection to the penis using platelet-rich plasma. The doctor takes it from your blood and uses it to promote tissue growth. Platelets help with blood clotting. They help heal wounds and regenerate tissue. They do the same in the penis, aiding its healing so you can have better erections.


How Does It Work?


Platelet-rich plasma has bioactive proteins that stimulate cellular regeneration and tissue growth. The therapy is ideal for the healing of wounds and injuries. First, the doctor will take some of your blood and run it through a centrifuge, separating the concentrated platelets from the rest of your blood.

Before the injection, the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream on your penis. Afterward, they will inject the platelet-rich plasma into it. The platelets will acclimate to areas that need growth factors. They will help regenerate the tissue in these areas. With time, you will start noticing slight improvements.


How Long Does It Take to Work?


The process is easy and convenient since it only takes about 30 minutes. However, you may have to wait for two to six weeks to see the full results. It depends on the individual. Some people will see the treatment results sooner, while others may take up to eight weeks. The beauty of the P-Shot is that the results improve over time.

Early responders will start to see the effects after 24 hours. Other responders will see them after three to six treatments. However, they will notice some changes after the second treatment. Late responders may take three to four months to see any good results.


When Do Results Peak?


It doesn’t matter if you start seeing results early or much later; the results get better over time. They will continue to improve as the platelet-rich plasma corrects the issues causing erectile dysfunction and other sexual health concerns. The more complications in your condition, the longer it takes to start seeing results.

Generally, the results for early responders will peak in weeks, while other responders may wait for a month or two. Late responders may have to wait till much later. The peak here means that you will see the most effective results. After this, some people may need multiple follow-up treatments to maintain the results.




Some people with significant sexual health conditions may not enjoy effective results for up to six months. However, the treatment can last for 12 to 18 months. Therefore, they will still enjoy the results for a long time. To maintain the results, your doctor may ask you to change some lifestyle habits. It will make the treatment last a long time.

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