Herniated Disc Treatment in Chicago

Our Chicago Chiropractor Can Help Treat Herniated Discs

herniated disc

Have you been suffering from low back pain, discomfort in your neck or headaches? You could be suffering from a herniated disc if so. Many people come to our chiropractor, Dr. Georgiou saying they have been walking around with pain that simply does not subside or that lingers. This is very common of a herniated disc. Our caring Chicago chiropractor wants to help determine if you are experiencing a herniated disc and help you become pain-free now.

How ReAlignMed Helps With Herniated Discs

At your visit, we will determine the underlying cause of your herniated disc by performing a physical and neurological exam. Sports and exercise injuries, auto accident injuries, occupational injuries, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle are the most commonly related issues or causes to herniated discs. Something as simple as a cough or sneeze can even cause a disc to herniate. We will develop a personalized plan based on our findings. In most cases, we will suggest the use of an x-ray to help us target your treatment to create the most effective results.

One of the most effective methods to treating herniated discs is with the spinal decompression technique. This includes treatment, stabilization of structure and support of muscular system. When discs are misaligned, the inner layer may "push out" or herniate. Spinal decompression uses a distractive force to create space between the discs so Dr. Georgiou can help realign your spinal column. By creating space between each vertebrae, this also helps nutrients flow into the region they have difficulty reaching when the disc is herniated. Using spinal decompression for a herniated disc can help prevent using unnecessary pain medication as well as avoiding unnecessary surgery.

To be sure we are on course with your personalized treatment plan, we will perform ongoing neurological tests. This may include reflex testing to be sure your reflexes are responding optimally. We will evaluate nerve sensations along the pathways affected and also test muscle strength and function.

At Home Exercises & An Optimized Nutrition Plan

We often prescribe at-home exercises to perform between your visits with us to improve the potential of your treatments. These are stretches that will be demonstrated and prescribed to you based on your unique needs. Because optimized nutrition helps your herniated discs heal once decompressed, we may also suggest the use of therapeutic supplements and dietary considerations compliment your treatment.

​​​​​​​With over 20 years offering chiropractic care to the community, Dr. Georgiou is ready to help your spine realign. We look forward to seeing you at a visit soon! Please call us at ​​​​​​​7736654400 for an appointment.

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