Nutritional Counseling in Chicago

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Our Chicago chiropractor wants to boost your overall health. Dr. Georgiou's chiropractic care extends beyond spinal manipulations and into caring for your body as a whole. Part of this care includes nutritional counseling. We offer nutritional counseling services atReAlignMed to support your alternative health efforts. You chose a drug-free, natural way of healing from pain or injuries and now, we want to continue your natural journey to boost your health. Our nutritional counseling services include an in-depth evaluation of your current eating habits to provide us a starting platform. We also look at your health history to determine if food allergies or sensitivities are contributing to your chronic conditions such as celiac disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Our staff understands how easy it is to get into a food rut and forget the importance of healthy eating toward keeping chronic conditions at bay. However, what you put into your body has an effect on the way you feel, the way you move and the way you think. When you feed your body and your brain a variety of healthy foods, in moderation, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Weight Loss with Nutritional Counseling

Part of our nutritional counseling services is to assist you with your weight loss goals. A healthy eating plan that contains the right combination of foods to support your body is essential toward weight loss. We work with you to determine your caloric needs and show you how to monitor your calorie intake to lead toward weight loss. Dr. Georgiou also encourages the use of supplements to ensure your body is receiving adequate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. We know that if we give your body a healthy base, you are less likely to be sick and injured. Instead, your body's ability to heal itself strengthens and you feel better all the time.

Food Options

We know that a fear of nutritional counseling is that you will be required to eat plain foods. This is not the case. We show you food options so you can still enjoy flavorful meals that fill you with the right nutrients. As you learn to eat healthier, you begin to crave healthy foods, so do not be surprised if you seek out fruits and vegetables instead of a candy bar for your midday snack. Our nutritional counseling services pair well with our chiropractic care as your spine is better able to heal when it has the right energy. Plus, if excess weight contributes to your back pain, healthy eating that leads to weight loss reduces your discomfort. When you eat clean, you feel clean and you think clean. Your mood improves and your productivity at work and at home increases.

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We welcome the opportunity to show you the benefits of nutritional counseling as well as what our supplements can do for your body. Do not wait to start eating healthy. Please call ReAlignMed​​​​​​​ today at 7736654400.

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