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ReAlignMed® Answers Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy FAQs

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If you've heard about spinal decompression as a possible remedy for your sciatica, upper extremity pain or other symptoms of nerve compression, you may be wondering what this therapy consists of, how it works and what conditions it's commonly prescribed for. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions on the subject as answered by our Chicago IL chiropractor, Dr. Georgiou.

What symptoms can spinal nerve compression produce? When spinal nerve tissue or nerve roots are compressed, they can lose their ability to relay sensory and motor signals properly. This may cause you to suffer intense, shooting pains through your arms or legs, as well as tingling, numbness and/or loss of muscle strength.

What causes nerve compression? It's often caused by degenerative conditions such as bulging, flattened discs that have lost their water content. Spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis are other potential culprits. Herniated discs sustained in an accident can push their inner material onto spinal nerve roots, pinching them. A chronic spinal misalignment that affects your posture can out muscles under constant strain, and sometimes the resulting muscle spasms can press against neighboring nerve tissue.

How does the location of the nerve compression affect my symptoms? If cervical nerve tissue is being compressed, the upper extremities will be affected; this is called cervical radiculopathy. When sciatic nerve tissue in the lumbar or sacral region is pinched, the resulting leg and low back symptoms are referred to as sciatica.

Is surgery performed to relieve nerve compression? Surgery is sometimes used to relieve spinal decompression, typically by removing part of a bulging disc or fusing two vertebrae together. Unfortunately, these are major procedures that can cause problems of their own, while also requiring post-operative painkillers and involving considerable recovery time.

What's different about your version of spinal decompression? Our spinal decompression therapy is safe, non-invasive, painless, and requires no recovery time whatsoever. We employ a special mechanized table that conveys small, controlled degrees of flexion distraction force to the spine. All you have to do is relax and let the treatment happen.

What does the flexion distraction force accomplish? The flexion-distraction creates a tiny amount of additional space between the vertebrae, just enough to produce a negative pressure or "vacuum" effect. This pulls herniated or bulging discs away from the nerve tissue they've been pinching, relieving your pain and other symptoms. It also infuses the discs with the additional water and healing nutrients they need.

Do you prescribe other treatments alongside spinal decompression? Spinal decompression can partner well with a chiropractic adjustment to resolve alignment problems, massage therapy to relieve muscle spasms and physical therapy to repair soft tissue injuries that may have occurred in an accident.

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